I am David, born in Spain, raised in the city of Valencia. After my pass in many cosmopolitan cities I am currently living in Gran Canaria, one of the eight islands of the Canary Islands.

 When I was seventeen years old I had to get a herniated disc surgery in the lumbar region. Two factors pushed my entry in the operating room, a past injury and my absolutely sedentary lifestyle. In those years, the surgeries had a very invasive procedure, so this severely injured my recuperation in the post-operative.

 I lived two years of constant pain, I coud not even stay up or sited without feeling pain in my back. Many doctors that I visited just told me that I would have to get used to this condition. Once one doctor told me "you are young, study and look for a sedentary job because this will be the only thing you will be able to do the rest of your life".

 In the beginning, this sentence marked me and frustrated me. However, I wanted to try something. Imagine that in those two years I tried everything: medication, homeopathy, acupuncture, rehabilitation, massages, electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), several healers… NOTHING worked. Despite this, there was still one thing nobody had told me about it and I had not yet tried... PHYSICAL EXERCISE.

 A physiotherapist who used to work with professional athletes, suggested me a workout routine in order to strengthen the abdominal and back musculature. And after this first contact continue working on the rest of the body. I am not going to lie you, at the beginning I suffered a lot of pain, but the results amazed me and eventually deserved the hard effort. In the period of three months I was able to have a normal life and my limp was reduced. In six months I was completely aware of my body and I could be training at the gym by myself. In just one year, I developed a better version of myself, feeling even better before the surgery and let me do say, better than the majority of people. In this exact moment was when my passion for fitness and musculation began.

 In my particular case, this unfortunate surgery changed my life, and ironically, my profession demands a high physical performance, something that before the operation I could not even imagine.

 Since then, I have been dedicating my time to study as self-taught and to learn about the functionality of training methods and nutrition. I enjoy overcoming myself and approaching new objectives day to day.

 I have another great hobby and I could say it’s my speciality: the informatic, inherited from my sedentary past life and the amount of hours I used to spend in front of the computer. And this is why I have become a referent in my social and familiar circle when talking about both topics: informatic and fitness. And both knowledges are coming up together in this blog, reconverted in a consultation website. My goal is to help people and at the same time learn combining fitness and informatic among other hobbies.

 THE MORAL OF MY STORY: If you have an objective, do your best, do not stop learning and improving yourself, or at least try it. Just to remind you: the experience doesn't come overnight or only by studying theory, you must put it in practice. Do not take for sure a doctor’s diagnosis or any other professional even if they are experts in their fields. Always contrast information and seek as many opinions as possible.


Text Translation: Claudia Russo